On running Serum Visions in Jeskai Geist

There was a Jeskai Geist list in the top 32 of GP Singapore.

This is really interesting to me because I have been testing something very similar. I've been testing his 60 with the differences of -1 Serum Visions, +1 Electrolyze, -2 Spell Snare, +2 Vendilion Clique since Wednesday (6/24) of this week. I mention that because I want it to be clear that I've had some time to test before diving into a controversial subject regarding Serum Visions in Jeskai Geist/Midrange. What I've been testing...

I don't know if I have just been wrong for a long time, or if the meta is different from it was the last time we tested, but I have really liked Serum Visions. One thing I've considered is that as my build has gotten more controlling (swapping 2x Remand for 2x Leak, adding 2 Cryptic), Serum Visions stock has risen. The reason is, when your on the all proactive burn em' plan, you're affected less by not having the selection/draw because all you want to do is draw gas, so being as redundant as possible means the selection is less important. However, when you're more of a traditional Aggro/Control deck the selection Serum Visions provides becomes incredibly valuable. If you need to be an Aggro deck, you can scry all of your controlling cards to the bottom, and vice versa. Additionally, Serum Visions allows you to plan ahead if you have a good handle on the game state. "Plan to turn the corner and switch to the aggro deck in two more turns?" Scry that Geist of Saint Traft beneath the top card and get ready to go to town. Serum Visions enables more hands to be keeps, helps you grind back against discard, finds sideboard answers, finds Geist, finds burn etc... In the interest of utilizing data over impressions to make decisions, I should be more patient, but honestly I think I am ready to "slaughter the sacred cow" and recommend that we all be running 3-4 Serum Visions in Jeskai Geist.

Side notes. 

  • Cryptic Command has been very good and I think two is the right number
  • Elspeth is something I've test before. Very good vs Jund, good vs Junk but just ok vs Lingering Souls.
  • I do not like his sideboard, I'm much more of a fan with where I've been going.
  • I like Spell Snare, but not more than I like Vendilion Clique.