2/7/15: UWRb/Jeskai Geist Ver 1.5 (TeamGeist)

This is the latest in cumulative testing from the community and TeamGeist.  I feel this is the best we have come up with so far before the conclusion of the pro-tour and taking into account how it may shift things around.

For your testing versus Junk:
-2 x Remand
-4 x Lightning Helix
-3 x Vendilion Clique
-1 x Geist of Saint Traft

2 x Engineered Explosives
1 x Celestial Purge
3 x Valorous Stance
3 x Lingering Souls
1 x Sphinx's Revelation


1/27/15: UWRb/Jeskai Geist Ver 1.0 (Post Cruise)

I've focused heavily on the Abzan Midrange matchup, and I talk about that in the video.  I have probably played 25-30 matches trying to figure out what works, and what doesn't work.  The matchup is in Azban's favor, very tough for UWR, but it is winnable and can can go either way.  Not much innovation here, but I believe it's a great starting off point for the deck.  There are still some things I want to test before I determine exactly how I want to Sideboard, but I felt good about getting this content out there now.